i never knew friendzoning boys was as easy as saying thanks im gonna use my manners more

further evidence that straight boys think compliments are magic words that are supposed to make women immediately strip naked 

What’s the appropriate, non-friendzoning response?

"You look pretty today."

"Okay, fine, I’ll suck your dick."

when will  straight boys stop


after finding out that he:

is the same age as him:

I no longer feel like I look younger than I actually am



"I just threw myself too hard at one point,I went through the wall,just disappeared out of frame"




Do you ever get rly pissed because the hunger games films could’ve told such a deep story with themes that reflect our own society’s oppressive systems

but instead they whitewashed the main leads, erased their disabilities, and pretty much romanticized the violence

The degree to which THG movies play into exactly the things the story condemns will never not be staggering to me



I usually don’t say my opinion but I wanna share what I think about Tyler Oakley video with Darren.

I liked it, I really enjoyed it… it doesn’t matter what I think about Tyler or if I like him or not. What it matter is how comfortable Darren is in this video. He had fun, he…

Ian: We were actually in a bind. We only had two days to find actors because of the way everything happened. We’re friends with both Darren and Jessica. We reached out to Darren to see if he was available a few days in advance and he was like: “Yeah! Totally! I just called Jessica to see if she can do it too!” So, they did us a huge favour!

Chad: We’ve become friendly ever since they did cover “This Is The New Year” on Glee. So, we’ve been friendly with them and keeping in touch with them. He was the first guy that we had in mind when we needed actors for the [video]. They’re amazing!
A Great Big World on casting Darren Criss and Jessica Szhor for the “Already Home” music video. (x)



That was just so casual and relaxed and friendly I want more videos of Darren like that it was beautiful

I think another reason I like that video/interview/whatever so much is because Tyler already knew a lot about Darren and built off that knowledge as opposed to asking/discussing the same old shit over and over like most interviewers do